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“If you grew up reading Jane Austen and Agatha Christie (or are a fan of Bridgerton and Knives Out), you will adore A Most Agreeable Murder.”


—Kate Stayman-London, bestselling author of One to Watch

“A Most Agreeable Murder is an utter delight. A fast-paced mix of marriage plot and manor house murder mystery with something for everyone: a scintillating romance, an intricate puzzle to solve, and layers of snarky, pointed wit that would make Austen proud. I snorted and swooned my way through this book in record speed—it’s some of the most fun I’ve had reading all year. Cozy mystery fans, this is a must.”


—Ashley Winstead, author of The Last Housewife

“A Most Agreeable Murder is a delightfully entertaining debut that kept me engrossed from the beginning right through to the satisfying end. Witty and clever, it’s like something Agatha Christie and Jane Austen might have created were they able to collaborate, only with its own wonderfully unique spark. Be prepared to laugh out loud at the comedy, gasp at the murder mystery, and altogether have a thoroughly great time!”


—India Holton, author of The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels

Julia Seales is a writer and screenwriter based in Los Angeles. She earned an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA, and a BA in English from Vanderbilt University. She is a lifelong Anglophile with a passion for both murder mysteries and Jane Austen. Julia is originally from Kentucky, where she learned about manners (and bourbon).

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